SnapSites Features: Design and Layout

All of our designs are handcrafted in-house and 100% exclusive to SnapSites. Time and time again we hear from new clients that our creative aesthetic sets us apart from the typical graphic design found on the web and, like our clients, our design is diverse. We often combine several disciplines to achieve fresh, new designs while adhering to our own standards of excellence.

We’ve invested hundreds of hours planning, building and testing the themes, custom plugins, and other integrations that make up our SnapSite frameworks. However, before we ever push one pixel on a new vertical-specific theme or framework, we spend countless hours researching and identifying the best websites in terms of functionality, design, usability, best practices and overall “clout”. Although individual aesthetics play a role in website design, we always factor in the type of site we’re building, best practices for the industry, and our members’ audiences. Different themes offer different page templates, widgets, fonts, code base, and levels of responsiveness — all of which can be custom-tailored based on the goals and business objectives of the particular industry and vertical market we are targeting.

Mobile Responsive Design

We guarantee our SnapSites are responsive for all devices. We want to make sure your website is easy to navigate and remains aesthetic to your visitors.

Uniquely Valuable Content

An optimized page doesn't just provide unique content, but unique value. Unique content means those words don't appear anywhere else on the web.

Phenomenal User Experiences

A great user experience means the page (or site) provides intuitive navigation, loads quickly, renders properly, and is designed to be visually attractive.

Built to be Shared

A well-optimized page should help to make social sharing as easy as possible, including: sharing buttons, short URLs and content with inherent viral value.

Multi-Device Ready

Mobile use isn't just critical for users "on the go". Many are using mobile or tablets to browse at home, at work, and as a replacement for their desktop.

Device-Specific Responsive Elements

We have the ability to target specific elements and can make them visible, hidden, or show up different on certain devices, such as phones or tablets.

Completely Unique Handcrafted Designs

We want to ensure your SnapSite design is completely unique and tailored to your liking. We like to craft our designs from scratch to keep our jobs fun.

Dynamic Sidebars

We believe sidebars are very important design and navigation elements for websites. They can be used for subnavigation, partner logos, callouts and more.

Retina-Optimized for High Resolution Displays

We use custom fonts, vector icons and scaled-down big images to ensure your SnapSite looks crisp to users with high resolution or retina-ready displays.

Ridiculously Clean Code

We make sure our code is ridiculously clean, organized and meets web standards because we are always committed to going the extra mile for you.

Touch Navigation and Smart Content Recognition

Your SnapSite will recognize the device accessing it and adjust the layout, so users can navigate at ease via resizing of images, content stacking and more.

W3C Accessibility Standards

We want to make sure those with disabilities can navigate your website. Your SnapSite is guaranteed to comply with the latest W3C accessibility standards.

Cross Browser Compatibility

We test our SnapSites prior to delivery to ensure they are inline with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari in terms of compatibility.

ShiftNav Premium Mobile Menu

The ShiftNav Premium Mobile Menu lets you add logos, icons, search bars, maps, submenus and much more to the navigation of your SnapSite.

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