SnapSites Features: Advanced Content Management

At the heart of our CMS is a customized version of Visual Composer along with a a highly customized set of extensions, add-ons and shortcodes. To date, our SnapSites framework includes over 80 different types of content blocks, user interface elements, and other components allowing you to build virtually any layout your mind can imagine.

In addition, we offer a multitude of advanced content management solutions and features including advanced custom fields and post types, document management systems, community and member-management systems, advanced forms with conditional logic, integrated e-commerce solutions supporting numerous payment gateways, and much more.

Social Bookmarking

We make sure that your network is interested in the web page you are linking to. By making sure to win their interests, we get more clicks and visits for your website.

Pop-Ups and Modals

If you want to keep your webpages looking simple and clean, we can add pop-ups and modals where needed. These are useful for relaying an important notice.

Hosted Video

We can host videos on our servers instead Vimeo or YouTube. This is beneficial to those who do not want to deal with ads or having traffic redirected.

Vimeo and YouTube Video Integration

If you want to keep large files off of your server and optimize your website speed, we recommend hosting your videos on Vimeo or YouTube and then embedding.

SoundCloud Integration

Are you a musician wanting to promote your music? If so, we can integrate SoundCloud by using their embed code and optimizing it via their API controls.

Customized Premium Plugins

Our goal is to make sure you have as many as options possible. Each SnapSite stack we provide includes more than 20 customized premium plugins.


If you want to keep your website very organized and avoid future clutter, portfolios would be a good solution for posts, case studies, photos and videos.


If you need to fit a lot of content onto one page without sacrificing the design, you can use accordions and set them to only open when clicked by the user.


Our SnapSites have alerts available for you to use on important pieces of content. You can also choose different colors, styles and animations.


If you want to embed audio into your SnapSite, you can either upload the file(s) to your Media Library or embed it from a third-party service, such as Soundcloud.


If you have multiple authors writing your blog posts, you would most likely benefit from an "About the Author" box at the bottom of each post.

Block Grid

Block grids are available if you are looking to add images side-by-side. The block grid shortcode is great if you want to create a responsive image gallery.


Blockquotes are great if you want to showcase a quote or testimonial. You have the ability to set the source, highlighting, and more using the shortcode.


Buttons are important design elements and can make a big difference in your sales conversions. Due to their high importance, we offer many design options.


If you want your user to take action and click in a certain area, then you would want to use a callout. Callout boxes normally contain a message and a button below.

Basic Menus

Basic menus will provide a clean look to your SnapSite. Examples of menus we offer are top menus, side menus, accordion menus and mobile menus.

Contact Forms

We provide contact forms that are easy to set up by using a drag-and-drop system. You will have options to set required fields and conditional statements.

Registration Forms

If you have an event or want a member system, we supply user registration forms. You can collect the data you need and store it all in one central location.

Icons and Graphics

You will have access to at least 400 different vector icons to include on your pages and posts. Vector graphics can be enlarged to an infinite size without a loss of quality.

Typekit and Google Fonts

Our SnapSite stacks include at least 1,000 Typekit font families and at least 600 Google Fonts font families, so you can achieve the design you desire.

Tooltips and Popovers

Tooltips and popovers are cool features to add to buttons or information boxes on your SnapSite. They will appear when one hovers over the targeted element.

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