SnapSites Features: Advanced Functionality and Integrations

With more than a decade under its belt, WordPress has embraced thousands of developers and designers, adding to a laundry list of contributors constantly driving the impressive content management system well beyond its humble roots and bare bones beginnings. WordPress features the most impressive plugins, add-ons and extensions of any other CMS by far and we only select from the best available premium options regardless of price.

In addition to thoroughly researching industries for the best-of-breed website examples and functional requirements, we employ a standard detailed evaluation method for every plugin and extension we review to make sure they meet or exceed our standards and, more importantly, the standards our clients have come to expect in a Landers Brannon product.


Hosting forums on your SnapSite is a great way to drive traffic and encourage user participation across your network. With bbPress, forums are easy as ever to create.

Membership Systems

Membership systems are great for those who want to restrict specific content to paying users, for example. We provide a fully-responsive system for your members to congregate.

Micro Social Networks

If you do not need a full-blown social network on your website, there is no need to worry. Instead, you can create a micro social network and limit what users share.

Pay-Per-View and Paywalls

If you need to restrict content to paying users only, you could benefit from using a pay-per-view or paywall system that our SnapSites provide.

WooCommerce Integration

It wouldn't be fair to not provide an eCommerce solution on our websites. WooCommerce provides a powerful system that allows you to create unlimited tangible or digital products.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are recommended if you want to handle secured transactions or safely transfer data. We offer you the ability to purchase an SSL certificate.

Advanced Forms with Conditional Logic

Our SnapSites have advanced forms that offer built-in options to create conditional logic, pagination and a link for the user to save their progress.

Dynamic Sidebars

We believe sidebars are very important design and navigation elements for websites. They can be used for subnavigation, partner logos, callouts and more.

DISQUS Comment Integration

We do not want to leave you hanging with the spammy WordPress comment system. As a result, we will integrate the DISQUS commenting system into your website.

AddThis Social Bookmark Integration

We want to make social sharing and bookmarking simple and clean for you. With AddThis, you can place floating social icons anywhere on each page.

Marketing Tools, Advice and Resources

We want to give you a one-stop shop solution for your marketing tools, analytics, communication portals and utilities. Saving you time is important to us!

ShiftNav Premium Mobile Menu

The ShiftNav Premium Mobile Menu lets you add logos, icons, search bars, maps, submenus and much more to the navigation of your SnapSite.

UberMenu Premium Mega Menu

With UberMenu, you can control the colors, content and graphics inside your menus. The menus are fully responsive and compatible with mobile devices.

Document Management Systems

With our document management systems, you can sync and store certain files and images away from your web server in places such as Dropbox.

Advanced Search, Sorting and Filtering

Our SnapSites offer the ability for users to search or filter through posts by any parameter you set, such as author, category, publication type, or tag.

Contact Forms

We provide contact forms that are easy to set up by using a drag-and-drop system. You will have options to set required fields and conditional statements.

Custom Post Types

If you have multiple portfolios and want to keep each in their own secluded location on your SnapSite, then custom post types will be beneficial to you.

Registration Forms

If you have an event or want a member system, we supply user registration forms. You can collect the data you need and store it all in one central location.

Quizzes, Surveys and Polls

We understand the importance of engaging with our customers. We want you to, as well, so we offer the ability for you to create quizzes, surveys and polls.


Are you interested in hosting a social network for users to communicate on your website? If so, you're in luck because we include BuddyPress with our SnapSites.

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