Invitation-Only Membership


Why Are We Invitation-Only?

Because we’re not just software. We are a full-service agency partner and our success is directly correlated to the success of our clients. This may sound a little peculiar, but we don’t take every job that comes our way. In fact, we turn down quite a bit of work. We are passionate, hard working, ethical, respectful and friendly and we are looking for the same in our relationships. Because of this, we interview each potential client more than they interview us in most cases to make sure it’s a good fit. We choose partners who fit the mold for long-term success as we’ve worked with many of the same clients through five to ten-year spans in some cases.

Because of this, we mainly accept new clients by referral only and we typically require that our clients have had at least some experience working on web projects in the past. We also send out invitations directly to select companies and organizations who we think would be a great fit for a new vertical, theme or concept we may be developing.

We intentionally keep margins very low on our SnapSites packages so we like to partner with smart, passionate and capable clients who know the difference between solid solutions and cheap gimmicks. There’s just not a lot of wiggle room in our pricing to have to explain over and over why web design is different from putting together a brochure in Microsoft Word. We’re also looking for clients who know good value in products and services when they see it because no one wants to work for someone who can’t recognize extraordinary extra efforts. Also, since we limit the number of clients on any given theme to 4-6 at most, we simply may not have any remaining spots available for your particular vertical until we release a new theme.

However, we’re always happy to get to know interesting, like-minded folks who may be making some big waves in their space so we welcome anyone to request an invite. If you think we may be a good fit as your web partner, tell us a little about yourself so we can get to know you and see if it’s a good fit!