Extras, Add-Ons and Advanced Consulting Services

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Our growing list of flat-rate extras and add-ons allows you to enhance your branding and user experience. Perhaps you are starting with nothing but a name. Maybe you have a great website and would like to model the rest of your brand around it. Whether you need to introduce a new service or product, educate or inform the general public, explain complex concepts or simply show off your achievements, we can produce compelling custom graphics, infographics, newsletters, motion graphics, animation and video that will far exceed your expectations.

In addition to traditional design and creative services, we also offer a full range of business process and software consulting services. As a simple by-product of running an online business ourselves, we’ve vetted and used numerous software solutions and online tools for every aspect of our business and our clients’ businesses as well. We know what works and what doesn’t and can help you identify the best solutions for your workflow.

Design Consulting

We'll run your site through our in-depth review process to come up with an overall grade for your website effectiveness along with a list of recommendations.

Site Architecture and Technology Evaluation

We’ll meticulously scan and extract important site information from your site including full site map, HTML, images, JavaScript, CSS, PDFs, and more.

Keyword Research and Analysis

We will generate a report that will lay out up to hundreds of keywords, and help you to determine which are the best that you should try to be ranking for.

Site Conversion Audit and Analysis

We’ll grade your website with metrics, determining how well it converts prospects and how well it conveys your message. We’ll also evaluate traffic levels.

Website Speed and Performance Analysis

We'll provide complete reports explaining what issues may be contributing to your site's sluggishness and make recommendations on solving the issues.

Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

We will download, install and configure the best plugins available for WordPress SEO and Social Media including Yoast, Google Analytics and JetPack.

Uniquely Valuable Content

An optimized page doesn't just provide unique content, but unique value. Unique content means those words don't appear anywhere else on the web.

Authorship, Metadata, Schema, and Rich Snippets

We offer additional markup, such as Google's "rel-author" and "rel=publisher" options, Bing's "linked pages" option, Schema.org's rich snippets, and more.

Pay-Per-Click and Other Paid Advertising

Let us take the fuss of pay-per-click advertising off your hands so you can focus on your business. We'll manage, monitor and tweak your campaign for a low monthly fee.

Social Channel Advertising

Social media offers an exciting marketing opportunity because people provide accurate information about themselves, making it much easier to find them.


Retargeting keeps your brand and your message at the forefront of your prospect’s mind so you are there with an offer when they are ready.

Mobile Advertising

We give you a high-visibility advertising presence in Geo-aware phone apps like Yelp, Gowalla, and Foursquare and you'll even be optimized for Apple's Siri.

Local Search and Business Directory Submissions

We go all-out on our local submission services, creating highly-optimized listings that get you noticed within local directories and search engines.

Reputation Management

We build on original, high quality and optimized content for your website, blog and social media circle to establish a more positive brand image.

Content Curation and Creation

We'll make sure our crafted content is uniquely valuable and perfectly compliments your SEO strategy. We'll also be sure to include any relevant authorship.

Guest Blogging

The process of guest blogging starts with good content and when the article is ready, we'll contact bloggers who cater to similar topics you have written.

Forum Discussions and Blog Commenting

By participating in online forums, you get to interact with smart bloggers and key figures from your niche that can help your business get more leads.

Digital Press Releases

Press releases are still used but are search engine optimized to reach a wider audience because the Internet is different than traditional mass media.

Social Media Strategy and Consulting

We'll evaluate any social media campaigns you are running and identify areas in need of improvement. We’ll also clarify your audience’s needs, wants and challenges.

Community Management

You have to sow your social media account with updates, relevant posts, photos and news to keep your consumers in the know and it is our job to make sure of that!

Social Bookmarking

We make sure that your network is interested in the web page you are linking to. By making sure to win their interests, we get more clicks and visits for your website.

Landing Page Design and Development

We have found that landing pages can garner conversion rates of over 20% for clients, by allowing them to focus on the core message of their landing page.

Call to Action Design and Testing

A CTA is a "call to action", meaning that we involve a designer to make a flashy or compelling graphic to draw a visitor in. We test CTAs to see what works.

Form Design and Testing

We regularly do tests on where the form is located on a page, what color it is, what types of questions we are asking, how long it is, and more.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are recommended if you want to handle secured transactions or safely transfer data. We offer you the ability to purchase an SSL certificate.

Online Chat

Rather than watching potential customers click away from our clients’ sites, we have been adding live online chat support and have seen phenomenal results.

Tracked 1-800 Phone Numbers

We'll setup a new local or toll free number for use with any of our new landing pages or advertisements to track the effectiveness of each campaign.

Rank Tracking

We make use of rank tracking tools that can strategically monitor and track your rank and the effectiveness of the keywords used during the whole campaign.

Customized Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Reports

Some of our analytics services include setup & configuration of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts, filters, goal tracking and reporting.

Pay-Per-Click Analytics

If you run multiple campaigns in Google Adwords, our custom analytics installations can isolate your conversion rate by ad campaign.

SnapMailer eNewsletter System

Our SnapMailer eNewsletter system makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send beautiful email newsletters and view stunning reports, all from within your browser.

Infographic Design and Promotion

Our team includes expert researchers and graphic designers who can take any infographic concept and create the viral content that the Internet loves so much.

Business Process and Software Consulting

As a simple by-product of running an online business ourselves, we've vetted and used numerous software solutions and online tools for our business.

Discounted Credit Blocks for Additional Services

If you think you are going to need future support, then you should purchase credit blocks. The more credit blocks you buy, the bigger discount you will get.

Marketing Tools, Advice and Resources

We want to give you a one-stop shop solution for your marketing tools, analytics, communication portals and utilities. Saving you time is important to us!

Competitive Analysis

We can provide you with a detailed analysis of recommendations for improving your website’s usability, through navigation and features, in comparison with your competition.

Persona Development

Persona development enables us to stand in the users’ shoes. We’ll focus the design effort on supporting user goals, rather than being driven by the ideas of team members.

User Testing

During the design phase, we often test potential layouts and mockups with focus groups using various tools including A/B multivariate user testing and online surveys.

Discovery and Planning

In order to provide a solidified project plan, it’s necessary to work through a discovery phase that will allow us to properly scope and define the project.

Functional and Technical Specs

Using the information gathered in the client survey, we’ll document the Functional and Technical Specifications to clearly establish the project requirements.

Third-Party Application Integration

We will do all the legwork to make sure that we have the best possible team in place to seamlessly integrate third-party applications and APIs as needed.

Team Collaboration Tools

Based on your needs, we’ll provide focused advice and information that will help you decide which project management or team collaboration tool may work best for you.


We offer four types of consulting: business, content, functional and technical consulting. We are experts at mobile, web and back-end system technologies.


Whether you're starting out with nothing but a name or already have a website that needs to be modeled around your brand, our branding services will offer what you're looking for.

Video Production and Motion Graphics

Whether you need to introduce a new product or simply show off your achievements, we can produce compelling motion graphics, animation and video that will far exceed your expectations.

Flash Design and Development

We use Flash design to create interactive microsites, eLearning platforms, banner ads, sales and marketing presentations, photo galleries and much more!


Once your SnapSite is live, we’ll give you training on how to use the content management system and statistics package so you’ll know how to use everything.

Landing Pages and Promo Pages

If you are running a campaign for a certain amount of time, a landing or promo page might be beneficial to you. We offer an assortment of different layouts.

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