What is it Like to Work With Us?

Throughout the years, we’ve stood by a set of values that affect the way we work. These values are as important when we are working on a large-scale government project as they are when we’re donating a few hours of time to a local non-profit in need. Humbleness, humility and willpower define all that we do. You may have had some experience with other agencies who are anything but humble about their talents. Some can be arrogant, abrasive and down right full of themselves. You will never feel intimidated when working with us and we think a little bit of humility coupled with hard work can go a long way. We are in the relationship business first and foremost and we want you to enjoy working with us.

Background and Approach

Drawing from our fifteen-year custom design and development background in the “agency world”, we set out on a mission to prove that agency-caliber sites don’t need to come with the large agency price tags. We’ve designed and developed our new SnapSites framework from the ground up as the perfect website solution that fills the void between cheap do-it-yourself web builders and fully customized bespoke strategy, design and development. Each one of our SnapSite themes are tailor-made for specific industries and vertical markets. Our SnapSite frameworks are customized ecosystems that have been specifically planned, designed, and developed for the unique requirements of your industry. We’ve thought of everything through our intense theme and framework development process and have included all of the functionality and features required by your unique market and left out all of the unrelated fluff or other cheap add-ons the other guys throw in to appeal to their massive, generic customer base.

Most important of all, our SnapSites are built using the WordPress open source CMS so you are not relying on some company’s home-spun and outdated proprietary content management system to power your site. Using WordPress along with customized premium plugins and extensions as our backbone provides an extremely nimble system which allows us to integrate cutting edge technology and quickly introduce new components into our frameworks. Because the other guys are dependent on their own in-house CMS’s, it requires a lot of time and money to integrate even the most basic functional advances (just look at how many do-it-yourself web builders still don’t even offer mobile responsive pages).

Our approach is centered on best practices, but it’s also fluid and collaborative, like the online environment itself. We suggest the right things for our clients, not the things that will make us the most money. Before we dive in to create or reshape your digital strategy, we get to know you and your company because the more we know about who you are, the better the chances of success for everyone — you, us and the people you want to reach.

We have developed a proven model for success that combines a rock-solid site production process and a hyper-efficient system for monitoring, maintenance and support that is included with every SnapSites membership. Our strength lies in our formula which is straight to the point but still remains highly personal. This system, combined with our meticulous attention to detail and efficiency, allows our entire membership to enjoy much more quality, functionality, and value for the money than any other mode of website production available today. We provide astonishing ROI along with unparalleled client service, support and resources but it’s reserved only for our hand-selected membership base. In this case, membership truly has its rewards.

Step 1: Online Application and Interview

After you’ve had a chance to poke through our site to learn a little more about our themes and frameworks, who we are, what we do, and how the membership works, we welcome you to request an invite for a full demo of any SnapSite that may have piqued your interest. Once you submit our online request form, we’ll get back to you ASAP (typically within one to two business days) with more information on next steps. We’ll schedule a follow-up call with all applicants who meet our initial criteria for membership so we can get to know you and your organization a little better. More importantly, this follow-up call gives you a chance to get to know us, ask any questions you may have regarding our offerings, process or membership, and ultimately determine whether or not we’re a good fit for you, your organization or project.

Why Are We Invitation Only?

Because we’re not just software. We are a full-service agency partner and our success is directly correlated to the success of our members. This may sound a little peculiar, but we don’t take every job that comes our way. In fact, we turn down quite a bit of work. We are passionate, hard working, ethical, and respectful and are looking for the same in our relationships. Because of this, we interview each potential client and member more than they interview us in most cases to make sure it’s a good fit. We choose partners who fit the mold for long-term success as proven by our perennial client roster and enduring makeup of our own team of employees, trusted ringers and vendors throughout the years. We are fiercely loyal and it’s reflected in all we do for our members, partners and friends. Learn more about our invitation-only membership policy and why it’s important to us.

Step 2: Schedule a Demo

Once it’s determined that SnapSites are indeed a good fit for you and your organization, we’ll schedule a time with you for an interactive demo of our full SnapSites ecosystem via web conference. We’ll walk you through the members-only front end sections of the theme and also give you a detailed tour of the entire backend admin area of your selected framework.

We’ll show you how all of the plugins work together, what customization options are available, how to create new pages or posts, and answer any questions you may have about specific functionality, integrations, or specific use-case scenarios. We’ll also take you behind the scenes of our Member Support Center to give you a tour of our Resource Library and sample Member Dashboards.

Demos usually take 30-45 minutes but we can spend as much time as you’d like so you can really get a feel for the site(s), all the benefits of membership, and how the entire SnapSites ecosystem works. During this time, we’ll make sure we have a firm understanding of your needs and how the site should work for you in order to adhere to your business objectives. We’re completely transparent and upfront as we consult with you during this process and if we feel there are any mandatory functional requirements that can’t be addressed with any of our themes or frameworks, we’ll surely let you know and even help you identify some alternative plans or solutions.

Step 3: Your Independent Test Drive

Once you’ve identified a framework and theme that’s perfect for you, we’ll throw you the keys and give you full admin access to try it out on your own for a few days. Just like test driving a new car, you need to be able to put your new site through the paces yourself to make sure it can really do everything you need it to do.

During this time, we encourage you to add in some of your own content, create test events or products, invite some additional users, remove or replace full pages or sections, create new page templates, etc. You should also plan on testing it your mobile devices and different browsers and encourage others on your team to do the same. Basically, we want you to try out anything you think you may need to do when the site is yours so there are no surprises down the road. Just remember that any additions, edits or changes you make to the demo site will be reverted once your demo period is over so just make sure you’re not too attached to those fancy new pages and templates you created!

After you are finished with the demo, we’ll reconnect for a final assessment and visit about any issues or questions that may have come up during the demo period. If you still feel that a SnapSites membership is a perfect fit for you, we’ll start the on-boarding process and officially activate you as a SnapSites member.

Step 4: Selecting Optional Extras and Add-Ons

Although our base frameworks and themes include more custom functionality, shortcodes and options than most members will ever need, we do offer some additional products and services to give your project a little extra kick in the pants when needed. Some of these options include custom logo design or branding, custom print or graphic design, video production or motion graphics, pay-per-click or paid advertising campaigns, and much more.

All extras and add-ons are completely optional and independent of your original project. We just want you to know we are here for you if you need any premium services (and we are pretty good at this stuff) but we’ll only bring it up if you are interested in learning more. Once we have a clear definition of what needs to be accomplished, we will prepare an anticipated budget range for any extras or add-ons if needed.

Step 5: Preparing the Final Proposal 

Once you have selected your framework, theme and any extras or add-ons you may want to include with the initial buildout, we’ll generate a final membership proposal for your review. We’ll answer any remaining questions you may have regarding our terms, policies or process, and we’ll post everything online for your acceptance via e-signature. Once accepted, we’ll generate an invoice for your setup fee, the first month of your membership, and any additional extras or add-ons you may have purchased.

Step 6: Setting Up Your Accounts and Activating Your Member Dashboard

Once payment is received, we’ll get your project set up and activated in our system which includes setup in our online billing and invoicing system, setting up your project in our Basecamp project management system, and activating your SnapSites Member Dashboard in our Support Center. You and any associated team members will receive confirmation emails once the accounts are setup and you can learn more about using each of these features via our Resource Library.

Step 7: Project Management

One of the reasons we are able to keep our SnapSites pricing so low compared to fully custom bespoke websites is because we streamline the project management process to eliminate the waste, inefficiencies and miscommunication typically found in the traditional phone and email-only relationship models. When combined with our powerful Member Dashboard and extensive Resource Library, our proven model for efficient project management provides members with a completely transparent process so they know exactly what to expect and when to expect it at anytime throughout the project lifecycle. In return for following our process and guidelines outlined below, our members are rewarded with huge cost savings, much more attention to detail and unmatched efficiency throughout the entire process.

Step 8: Domain Names

We’ll help you purchase a new domain name for your project if needed or can help transfer an existing domain to our registrar for management. We’ll also help you migrate or integrate any other third-party accounts or tools you may already be using such as Google Analytics, AddThis, DISQUS, Campaign Monitor, etc.

Step 9: Email Accounts

If you are interested in setting up new email accounts to go with your new SnapSite, we will help you with the process. Our go-to solution for client infrastructure is Google Apps. The Google Apps suite of services includes email, calendars, file storage, document creation, editing and sharing, video conferences, surveys and much more.

Google Apps pricing is extremely affordable and Google Apps plans and pricing information can be viewed here. Although you are responsible for signing up for your own Google Apps account and paying them directly (you should always own your email infrastructure as it will contain sensitive information on all your users), we can help you through the setup and configuration process once you have activated an account with them and help you with any management along the way.

Step 10: Preparing Your Content and Other Assets

We’ll help you prepare all your content to be included in the new site including the new site outline, text and verbiage (in Word, plain text or selectable PDF formats), content for calls-to-action or “CTA’s”, Information and content for all forms, and any other assets such as PDFs, photos, vector graphics, downloads, etc. Although we do not offer advanced strategy, information architecture consulting, or copywriting services as part of our base SnapSite packages, we are happy to provide you with resources and various tips on these topics located in our Resource Library and several sample downloadable templates and guides located in our Member Downloads section.

Step 11: Site Architecture and Content Entry

Next, we’ll start building out the sections, pages, posts and navigation system for your site based on the assets and documents gathered in Step 10 above, (i.e.: site outline, text documents, and any other assets such as photos, graphics, or PDFs). We’ll make sure every single page is perfectly formatted and every photo and graphic is cropped, resized and optimized (if not already done so prior to submission) for fast load times and maximum compatibility with your theme.

Step 12: Preparing Your Base SEO Foundation

Some of our SnapSite packages include SEO and social media plugins such as JetPack and Yoast’s WordPress SEO. We will optimize the site based on your unique content and assets and we’ll make sure your site launches with a great foundation for SEO including permalinks, meta tags, and XML site map submissions. While this foundation will not replace a full SEO campaign, it is an excellent start to getting your new site indexed quickly and correctly.

If you are interested to see how our full SEO, content creation and marketing services can turbo charge your online presence and conversions, please see our ProMarketing Services.

Step 14: Functional Modifications, Plugin Configuration, and Template Creation

Now that we’ve received all of your content and assets, built-out the core structure of your new SnapSite per your site outline, and entered in all of your content, graphics and other assets provided for launch, we are ready to start customizing the theme functionality and plugins specifically for your company or organization.

To ensure a perfect fit from top to bottom, our comprehensive theme personalization checklist includes:

  • Forms: Create form fields, conditional logic, validation and notifications.
  • Navigation and Menus: Configure main navigation, mobile navigation, footer menu and supplemental navigation systems.
  • User Roles and Permissions: Configure user roles, member permissions, content visibility and conditional permissions.
  • Forums: Setup and configure forums, rooms, groups and topics.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Integrate and configure third-party tools, plugins and APIs.
  • Customize WP Admin Dashboard: Incorporate SnapSites tools, interface upgrades and support system integration.
  • Plugins and Add-Ons Styling*: Incorporate color palette, fonts, and other styling for seamless theme integration.
  • Sidebars: Incorporate color palette, title styling and CTAs.
  • CTAs: Design, produce and code call-to-action templates for homepage, sidebars and select interior pages.
  • Video or Animated Features: Design, produce and code video backgrounds or jQuery animated feature templates for homepage and select interior pages.
  • Finalize Child Theme CSS: Standardize final CSS and styling for text, colors, layout templates, VC presets, Templatera, widgets, and other child theme layout and styling options.

* included with select themes and frameworks

Most of the activity in this phase is on our side. Depending on your selected theme and framework, the production time frame can be a few days or a few weeks but we’ll send you updates on our progress to keep you informed.

Step 15: Custom Graphics, User Interface Refinements and “Digital Tailoring” Services

Finally comes our custom “digital tailoring” process. Custom graphics and design is really our sweet spot and we feel it’s just one of many traits that sets us apart from the crowd. We are meticulous down to the pixel and this is the point in the project where we truly work our magic because we know that structure, content, functionality and features are solidified at this point in preparation for launch.

During our custom digital tailoring process, we’ll customize main theme attributes such as colors, backgrounds, logo, callouts and icons. Those will ensure a unique and personally tailored site. We’ll also create custom graphics for use in homepage features and callouts to make sure they are tailored to match your brand. Some of our additional custom-tailoring points include:

  • UI Graphics: Design and produce background textures, images, icons, flourishes or user interface enhancements as needed.
  • Color Palette: Apply branding color palette to main theme body, header, footer, sidebars and select CTAs.
  • Fonts: Incorporate TypeKit or Google fonts and styles for body, headlines, sidebars and footer.
  • Theme Header: Incorporate logo, color palette, font styling and applicable texturing.
  • Theme Footer: Incorporate color palette, font styling and applicable texturing.
  • MegaNavigation System*: Incorporate color palette, font styling and additional features.
  • eCommerce: Setup and configure SSL, payment gateways, integrate products, data, taxonomies and shipping classes.
  • Mobile and Responsive Optimization: Configure mobile-only features, layouts, navigation systems and visibility settings.
  • Social Media: Integrate and configure social media feeds, API integration, analytics and other tools.
  • Utility Pages: Setup utility pages such as 404 pages, sitemaps, terms and conditions, privacy, site information, etc.
  • Finalize Layouts and Templates: Create and standardize final page layout templates, Visual Composer presets, Templatera shortcodes, widgets, and other reusable theme elements.
* included with select themes and frameworks

Step 16: Testing and Launch

Our original project plans always allocate time for formal testing. We’ll assign a Quality Assurance Lead whose priority will be to check for broken links, validate all (X)HTML / CSS and browser test. We’ll work with you to plan the best date to go live. We’ll consider your current web site traffic patterns and attempt to launch in a way that minimizes downtime. We’ll make sure that everyone on the team is on call for any challenges that might occur during launch. We’ll conduct one final stage of quality assurance testing on the live site after it is fully in production to make sure everything is running smoothly.

  • CDN Setup: Setup and configure content delivery network and associated CDN subdomain.
  • Site Optimization: Setup and configure page, CSS and asset optimization tools and plugins.
  • Google Analytics and SEO: Setup and configure Google Analytics, on-page SEO, reporting systems and dashboards.
  • Domains: Update DNS settings for domain and associated subdomains.
  • Quality Assurance Testing: (X)HTML / CSS validation, broken link testing and browser testing.
  • Setup SnapSites Member Dashboard: Setup and configure analytics and user account API integration.
  • eCommerce Testing*: Test live transactions, payment gateways and confirmations.
  • Post-Launch Audit: Test all form submissions, notifications, transactions and final browser / cache tests.

* included with select themes and frameworks

Step 17: Member Training and Resources

If you’ve read through our core values, you’ll know that we are obsessive about the details and committed to providing the best experience for our members. Our Member Support Center is a one-stop shop for all of our member training, resources, documents, tools and information that will help you along the way. Once you login, you’ll have access to a full FAQ section with topics ranging from billing to detailed WordPress instruction, a robust Knowledge Base, our WordPress training video library, detailed client and process guides, and much more. We are constantly adding to our list of resources and tools for our clients and we have many more to introduce in the months to come.

Step 18: Transition to ProMaintain Support

Along with the great benefit of having a dynamic, easy-to-update website, comes the flip-side: ensuring it’s properly maintained and running smoothly. Just like owning a home, we have to keep our website up-to-date and secure from potential threats. It can be time consuming and confusing, especially when you know that updating the CMS or plugin can sometimes wreak havoc on your website. We get it, and we are here to help.

ProMaintain support is the proactive maintenance and support portion of your SnapSites membership. Essentially, ProMaintain support IS your SnapSites membership.

Free Updates for Life with Your Included ProMaintain Proactive Maintenance and Support Plan

Yes, really. One of the best benefits of a SnapSites membership is that although we provide one of the most powerful and user-friendly content management systems around, you may never actually have to update your site yourself if you don’t want to. In addition to taking care of all of your site’s CMS, theme and plugin updates, our friendly support team is always standing by to enter in all the content updates you want to throw our way – all included at no extra charge with your membership.

Need to post twenty news items this week? You got it. Need to change photos or verbiage on every page throughout your site? No problem. New employee, event or document? Check, check, and check. No matter what edits, revisions or additions you may need to existing content, simply toss them over to our support portal and we’ll get everything perfectly formatted while you get back to running your business. Whew! Now that is taken care of, it’s time for a coffee break!

ProMarketing Products and Services

Your website is worthless if no one knows about it. Through organic SEO content, targeted paid ads, strategic social media, engaging email campaigns, and much more, we can get people on your site who actually want what you offer. We also recognize that creating content that tells your story is often the hardest part so we’ve tailored our monthly ProMarketing plans to provide both content creation and paid advertising solutions. All of our plans packages are anchored by site-level optimization in the initial phase and then advanced with optimization of every post as it is published. As your online marketing partner, our goal is to help you reach your target audience. To do that, we’ll help you define the message, outline the content, optimize it for discovery by the search engines, and build domain authority over time. Learn more about our full list of ProMarketing products and services.

SnapMailer eNewsletter System

Our SnapMailer eNewsletter system makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send beautiful email newsletters and view stunning reports, all from within your browser. You can also invite colleagues and others to securely access your account and manage campaigns. With SnapMailer, you can send mobile-friendly email campaigns, preview your campaigns in 20+ email clients, setup auto responders and drip campaigns, see who’s opening, clicking and sharing your campaign in real time and much more! SnapMailer is built with our clients in mind and is built on top of the powerful and award-winning Campaign Monitor infrastructure.

Infographic Design and Promotion

There has been a growing demand in recent years for new ways of communicating information, fast. Infographics are the most popular way of doing so through the aesthetically-pleasing marriage of chic visual design, sound facts and research, and cohesive graphic narratives. As material for social media campaigns, infographics are a re-posting dream that everyone in your niche and beyond will want to pick up and, in doing so, direct traffic to your site. So you’ve got a great idea for an infographic – we know how to make it a reality. Our team includes expert researchers and graphic designers who can take any concept and create the viral content that the internet loves so much. Our infographic circulation strategy incorporates social media, traditional blog networks, and a few trade secrets that ensure you get the most links out of every infographic we develop for you.

Video Production

One type of content that still is underutilized in the world of SEO is online video. If used correctly, video can be an extremely powerful form of content and make a significant contribution to your overall SEO strategy, in more ways than one. We specialize in product videos, explainer/introductory videos and rich snippets to build links and generates social shares to ultimately increase conversions.

Business Process and Software Consulting

As a simple by-product of running an online business ourselves, we’ve vetted and used numerous software solutions and online tools for every aspect of our business and our clients’ businesses as well. We know what works and what doesn’t and can help you identify the best solutions for your workflow.

Our core focus includes: Productivity Tools, CRM Software Solutions, Project Management Solutions, Team Collaboration Systems, Customer Support and Help Desk Software, Time Tracking and Invoicing Solutions, Financial and Accounting Software, Estimates and Proposal Solutions, Marketing Automation, Reporting and Analytics, Teleconferencing and Online Chat Solutions, Social Media Marketing and Management, Online Business Intelligence Dashboards, Intra-App Communication, APIs, Webapp-Automation Solutions, and much, much more.

We live and breathe this stuff and would love to help you avoid the pitfalls most small business owners experience when trying to choose the best online solution on their own.

Ready to schedule a demo? We'll give you full admin access and throw you the keys so you can take one for a test drive yourself!