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A New Kind of Agency

Boutique. Nimble. Bespoke. Describe us as you please. Based in Austin, Texas, Landers Brannon is a small consortium of talented designers, developers and interactive strategists guided by the passionate pursuit of quality web design and practical development solutions for our clients. Landers Brannon has been intentionally designed to embrace the direction our industry has evolved over recent years using hand-picked contingent partners, resources and ringers as needed. Unlike larger traditional agencies, our size allows us to stay ahead of the disruptions digital brings. Believe us, we’ve been there.

Interactive design and strategy is our sweet spot. Whether you’re creating a business from scratch or want to give your existing brand a modern day kick in the pants, few digital agencies can deliver more value for the money. Our agency works with each client through a proven process to identify their needs, formulate strategies, and deliver innovative digital solutions. Our winning formula combines talent, experience and enthusiasm to deliver effective results on time and on budget. We deliver great work for great clients. Let’s make something great together.

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Obsessive About the Details

We do the work right. Our designs are pixel-perfect, we are ridiculously committed to best practices and detailed project management, even if the client doesn’t know or care.

Transparent Business Practices

Our clients will always know how we bill, what the mark-up is, and how much we make on a project.

Treating the Project as if it Was Our Own

We suggest the right things for our clients, not the things that will make us the most money.

Focused on Results

First and foremost, we care about seeing good things happen as a result of our work together. Getting paid for our work is a simple byproduct of our efforts.

Strong Finishes

We are as excited about your project at the end as we were at the beginning. We deliver on our promises.

Going Above and Beyond

If we feel it will take extra work to make the project perfect, we’ll do it on our own dime. We comp a lot of time. A lot.

Choosing the Right Relationships

We don’t take every job that comes our way. We spend just as much time interviewing potential clients as they do us. We treat our clients with respect and are always looking for the same in return.

Pushin’ Pixels Since 2001

We started life in 2001 as a humble freelance studio aptly named Brannon Multimedia specializing in high-end HTML and Flash websites. During this time, we also focused on interactive CDs, DVD interfaces, 3D animation and motion graphics.

In 2003, Brannon Multimedia became the new multimedia division of Real Normal Productions and began to solidify relationships with some of Texas’ largest advertising and marketing firms. We focused heavily on Flash-based sites and even sprinkled in a good amount of branding and print design.

In 2005, we evolved into a new entity called MotionOne Studios to further leverage the power of web-based applications and tools. Robust interactive Flash websites and the Joomla content management system became our specialties during this time which allowed us to quickly grow and work on award-winning projects for larger government entities, universities and Fortune 500 companies.

In 2009, we partnered with Hahn, Texas Public Communications and formed Trifecta Interactive Marketing to concentrate almost exclusively on the the design and development of large content-managed websites using the ExpressionEngine CMS. This was an accelerated time for us as we dramatically increased our capabilities and client base.

In 2013, it seems we came full circle as we evolved into Landers Brannon, LLC. Although we still design, develop and consult on large custom projects, we’ve expanded our offerings to again include other CMS solutions such as WordPress and Craft. We feel there is a perfect CMS solution for any budget and all deserve great design and strategy. Because of this, our company is more focused, committed and stronger than ever.

Mike Brannon

Principal and Managing Director
Mike Brannon LinkedIn Connect business card photoAs Principal and Managing Director, Mike Brannon not only leads the agency’s client operations, but also serves as a fearless leader to the entire team. He is dedicated to growth and success of the consortium, both as a whole and for each and every partner and ringer we’re lucky enough to work with every day.

Mike’s unyielding passion for design developed at a young age, and truly came to the forefront after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in Cognitive Psychology and Business Administration. After a few stints at several Austin “dot com bubble busters”, Mike started his first interactive design studio in 2002. Now, with seventeen years of professional experience, thirteen as a business owner, Mike has developed both the design acumen and business knowledge necessary for our clients’ success.

An advocate of clean, user-friendly design, Mike’s keen eye for detail has always defined his work. While design has always been his first passion, thirteen years of business ownership have taught Mike a great deal about organization, management, communication and relationships.

Beyond the office, Mike treasures time spent with his wife and two young sons. He’s an avid (albeit mediocre) golfer and soaks up live music, local restaurants and the outdoors at any opportunity he gets. Although he loves digital, he’s happy to get off the grid whenever time allows.

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