An Introduction to SnapSites

The right website solution for the right business: It’s a decision that’s too important to leave to chance. SnapSites takes the guesswork and frustration out of selecting, building and maintaining your online presence. We take the time to understand your company and your expectations. Then, we customize our services for each company. For small and mid-sized companies of all kinds, our SnapSites will act as your entire online marketing team as we take care of all your content updates, theme and plugin updates, hosting, search engine optimization, analytics, social media management, e-newsletters, and much more! We offer custom-tailored, industry-specific solutions that deliver proven results so that you can focus more on running your business and not on learning HTML, SEO and SEM.

SnapSites are, in essence, a suite of innovative products, services and solutions comprised of three main components:

  1. Invitation-only membership allowing the costs of premium products, tools, resources and services to be spread out and evenly amongst our community;
  2. Exclusive access to limited production, ready-made websites specifically handcrafted for our members’ industries and vertical markets and;
  3. ProMaintain proactive maintenance and priority support which includes access to your own customized Member Dashboard, instant access to all of your connected accounts, tools and services and comprehensive resource library with detailed training and support tutorials and videos.

Finally, in addition to taking care of all of your site’s CMS, theme and plugin updates, our friendly support team is always standing by to enter in all the content updates you want to throw our way – all included at no extra charge for the life of your SnapSites membership.

SnapSites Client Dashboard
Everything in One Place

Imagine using just one provider for all your online marketing needs. Instead of using a different designer, web developer, hosting provider, social media manager, SEO consultant, and online advertising team, you can have one service take care of everything for you! SnapSites is a one stop shop.

As a SnapSites member, you have access to your own customized dashboard  to access your accounts, tools, reports, analytics, admin panels, and support resources all from one centralized location. Our client dashboard really is our “secret sauce” and is the nerve center for our entire SnapSites ecosystem.

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By Invitation Only
Why Are We Invitation-Only?

Because we’re not just software. We are a full-service agency partner and our success is directly correlated to the success of our members. This may sound a little peculiar, but we don’t take every job that comes our way. In fact, we turn down quite a bit of work. We are passionate, hard working, ethical, and respectful and we are looking for the same in our relationships. Because of this, we interview each potential client and member more than they interview us in most cases to make sure it’s a good fit. We choose partners who fit the mold for long-term success as proven by our perennial client roster and enduring makeup of our own team of employees, trusted ringers and vendors throughout the years. We are fiercely loyal and it’s reflected in all we do for our members, partners and friends.

Because of this, we mainly accept new members by referral only and we typically require that members have at least some prior experience with WordPress (or another CMS such as ExpressionEngine, Craft or Joomla) and/or have successfully managed a substantial web project from end-to-end in the past. We also send out invitations directly to select companies and organizations who we think would be a great fit for a new framework, theme or concept we may be developing.

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Exclusive Handcrafted Designs
Exclusive Handcrafted Designs

Custom interactive design and strategy has always been our sweet spot. Whether you’re creating a business from scratch or want to give your existing brand a modern day kick in the pants, few digital agencies can deliver more value for the money.

All of our designs are handcrafted in-house and 100% exclusive to SnapSites. Time and again we hear from new clients that our creative aesthetic sets us apart from the typical graphic design found on the web and, like our clients, our design is diverse. We often combine several disciplines to achieve fresh, new designs while adhering to our own standards of excellence. Art and design are what we live and breathe and we constantly strive to bring innovation and a fresh perspective to every single new SnapSite theme we introduce.

Getting this element right has a big impact on how much your customers enjoy using your site and how easy your site is to use. User interface design isn’t just about buttons and menus; it’s about the interaction between the user and the site and knowing how to get out of the user’s way so they can do what they came to do. This means that great design isn’t about how a product looks, but rather about how it works. It’s not just about arranging buttons and picking colors, but rather about choosing the right tools for the job.

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Exclusive Handcrafted Designs
Limited Production

There are plenty of low-cost, cut rate “do-it-yourself” website builders out there but people quickly find out how difficult they are to wrangle and, once they are able to get just something launched out of frustration, they realize there’s literally thousands of other sites out there that look exactly like theirs.

This is not the case with SnapSites as we limit the number of members on any given theme to four to six at most. Once we reach capacity, we lock it down and remove it from our catalogue completely. This approach ensures the market will never be saturated with the same design and adds much more value to our work. We also have a strict non-compete rule in place that will not allow two companies in the same competing market to share the same theme so you can rest assured that your organization’s website will always be unique in it’s space.

Finally, we offer special exclusivity pricing on all of our newly released themes so you have the option to purchase an exclusive license solely for your organization if you’d like. Once an exclusive license is purchased, we remove the theme completely from our catalogue and transfer all copyright and ownership rights to you so you are guaranteed to be the only user of that particular theme for the life of your membership.

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Powerful Content Management
Powerful Content Management

WordPress and customized premium plugins make up the backbone of the SnapSites framework and allows our system to be extremely nimble which, in turn, allows us to integrate new components or functionality much faster than any do-it-yourself web builder. Because the other guys are dependent on outdated proprietary content management systems, it takes them months or even years to integrate even the most basic functional advances (just look at how many do-it-yourself web builders still don’t offer mobile responsive pages).

At the heart of our CMS is a customized version of Visual Composer along with a a highly customized set of extensions, add-ons and shortcodes. To date, our SnapSites framework includes over 80 different types of content blocks, user interface elements, and other components allowing you to build virtually any layout your mind can imagine.

In addition, we offer a multitude of advanced content management solutions and features including advanced custom fields and post types, document management systems, community and member-management systems, advanced forms with conditional logic, integrated e-commerce solutions supporting numerous payment gateways, and much, much more.

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Unlimited Updates
Unlimited Updates for Life

Yes, really. One of the best benefits of a SnapSites membership is that although we provide one of the most powerful and user-friendly content management systems around, you may never actually have to update your site yourself if you don’t want to. In addition to taking care of all of your site’s CMS, theme and plugin updates, our friendly support team is always standing by to enter in all the content updates you want to throw our way – all included at no extra charge with your membership.

Need to post twenty news items this week? You got it. Need to change photos or verbiage on every page throughout your site? No problem. New employee, event or document? Check, check, and check. No matter what content edits, revisions or additions you may need, simply toss them over to our support portal and we’ll get everything perfectly formatted while you get back to running your business. Whew! Now that is taken care of, it’s time for a coffee break!

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Unlimited Updates
Ridiculously Affordable Pricing

After experiencing the quality of our design and framework as well the additional features, services, and benefits that are included in our SnapSites memberships, the first question people inevitably ask is “How can you deliver all of this at this price?”

Actually there’s several key differentiators that allows us to do this. First, since we are invite-only, our membership consists of people and organizations who have all had previous experience working on the web. That, combined with the vast array of self-service resources in our client support center, allows us to spend more of our time perfecting our framework and less time “hand-holding” green (albeit well-intentioned) clients.

Second, even though our top-tier SnapSite frameworks could top $25,000 or more if custom-designed and developed from scratch, this price is essentially spread out amongst our membership. Since one SnapSite theme is shared between four to six non-competing members at most, you are essentially receiving a truly unique, beautifully designed website solution that is custom-tailored for your business at an 80% discount. Think of it as a cleverly designed digital co-op.

Finally, we’ve invested hundreds of hours to plan, design, and build a truly unique and powerful “nerve center” that acts as the hub for our entire SnapSites ecosystem. From this hub, we are able to monitor the status and health of every site, perform all updates, communicate with clients, power our client dashboards and support center, and integrate every aspect of our project management, time tracking and billing systems – all from from centralized location. This hyper-efficient system saves us numerous hours each day on project management and back office administration and the resulting cost savings is passed down to our membership. Even the largest agencies in town don’t have anything like this and if they did, you’d definitely see an increase in efficiency and decrease in rates from them as well!

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SnapSites Client Dashboard
Unmatched Client Support and Resources

We have always been firmly committed to unparalleled client support and we feel it’s just one of many traits that sets us apart from the crowd. Even though we are a smaller firm by design, we adhere to the same workflow, processes, and management systems used by much larger agencies.

We employ advanced software and tools in every aspect of our workflow including our estimates and proposals, discovery and testing, design and project collaboration, account management, billing, support, tracking, measurement, and automation. If you’ve read through our core values, you’ll know that we are obsessive about the details and committed to providing the best experience for our clients.

Our Client Support Center is really a one-stop shop for all of our client resources, documents, tools and information that will help you along the way. Once you login, you’ll have access to a full FAQ section with topics ranging from billing to detailed WordPress instruction, a robust Knowledge Base, our WordPress training video library, detailed client and process guides, and much more. We are constantly adding to our list of resources and tools, but here’s just a sample of what’s currently included:

Client Support Resources

  • Full Client FAQ Section
  • Robust Knowledge Base
  • WordPress training video library
  • Detailed client guides
  • Latest news and announcements

Additional Tools and Apps

  • Full Client FAQ Section
  • Manage your SnapMailer email campaigns
  • View estimates and proposals
  • Share files via Dropbox
  • Access your analytics accounts
  • Access other associated accounts

Additional Communication Options

  • Schedule a conference call
  • Schedule an interactive web conference
  • Video calls and meetings via Skype
  • Conferencing via Google+
  • Live chat options
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